Friday, September 2, 2011

On The Shores of Bharat

On The Shores Of Bharat (India)
This beautiful Poem describes the shore of Ganapatipule where all Sahaja Yogis come together to manifest the divine.

On the shores of Bharat,
Where men of all races have come together,
Awake, O my Mind!
Standing there with outstretched arms,
I send my salutations to the God of Humanity,
And in solemn chant sing His praises.
And whose call no one knows,
Came floating streams of men
And merged into the sea of Bharat.
The Aryan, the Non-Aryan, the Dravidian,
The Huns, the Pathans and the Moghuls-
They have all merged here into one body.
Today the West has opened its doors,
And from thence come gifts.
Giving and taking,
All will be welcome to the shores of Bharat,
When the men of all races have come together.
Come, O Aryan and Non-Aryan,
Hindu and Muslim,
Come, O English and you Christian,
Come, O Brahmin,
Purify your mind and clasp the hands of all;
Come O downtrodden,
And let vanish all burdens of your humiliation.
Tarry not, but come you all
To anoint the Mother,
On the shores of Bharat,
Where men of all races have come together.

A realized soul & Nobel Literate from India.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Detached Silence

"I had a pretty interesting experience last year with vibrations and Vashi hospital I'd like to share. Back in 1996 I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong with Shri Mataji and one morning when all the yogis were out, She called me in and asked me to sit at Her feet.

...She then said, 'I'll teach you how to meditate.' I was quite excited by this..face to face with Adi Shakti, learning the art of silence directly from Her.

'Just watch your thoughts', She said. To watch them, She added, your attention peels away from the thought process and the two waves (the thought wave and the attention wave) hit each other and cancel out (reverse oscillation She called it).

Then the vilambha state begins. She said that you can do this anytime...driving your car, washing the dishes and you can be in total detached silence.

'Do it now' She said. So I watched Her and was completely blank. I then said that it was not a good test as it was hard to think in Her presence anyway. She laughed and suggested I try it on the tram back to the ashram. It worked amazingly well. I was able to hold the thoughtless state for as long as I liked.

Now, cut to last year and I was going through a tough time at work. I really lost my cool a lot and was as undetached as you can get (sorry to say). The crunch came when my boss, a hard living, heavy drinking, chain smoking English guy told me to be detached!

I was ashamed of myself and decided right there I was going to check into Vashi, simplify my life and go back to Sahaj basics.

So from that day I took Shri Mataji's lesson seriously. I watched my thoughts and got quite good at it. I was able to be silent easily. Then I got up at 4am every day. And I did my treatments with full heart.

I then had a realisation that catches come only from thinking. And that if I can be silent, I would not catch. Two weeks later I was in Vashi and after two days of clearing little catches here and there the doctor said I was totally clear.

This was a shock. I asked him again. He still stuck by his comment. Then the next day the same thing. He told me there was no need t be there. I was elated, because I never thought it was possible to be totally clear.

I realised that I had cracked the secret to SY...I had worked out how to be silent and not catch...all thanks to Shri Mataji of course :)

Please try really works."
Greta More (greta.more@gmail.comSydney, Australia
11:47am Aug 13
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